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Mary Williams Hyde

Mary Williams Hyde

Klamath Falls, OR


I have traveled for years throughout the Great Basin of northern Nevada, eastern Oregon and northern California taking ranch and ranch rodeo photos of folks who still keep the old buckaroo traditions.

I donít wear hats. If I did Iíd have quite a collection by now. Painter, printmaker, quilter, vaquero-style horsewoman, gardener-Iris collector, buckaroo photographer, graphic designer, web designer, commercial photographer, buckaroo photo trade show exhibitor, fund raiser, AMAC support group facilitator, crisis line worker, domestic violence survivor, artist, ad salesperson, real-deal cowgirl, Photoshop master, art gallery curator, desert traveler, resume writer, fund raiser, pool hustler, wild plum picker, dancer, custom obituary writer, Bly, Oregon native, creative problem solver, Twitterer, Facebooker, event manager, ad sales professional, single parent of three and grandparent of four, friend, Stop Bullies advocate, mediator, Collier Park wrought iron gate designer, Mirror Magazine and Bootstraps Community Wellness series publisher, editor, author, non-traditional student, range rider, natural care advocate for stabled horses, vaquero style bit and bridle collector, mentor, wilderness trail rider, art teacher, grad student, regional tourism promoter, Tulelake Museum of Local History community history board designer (42 categories researched and developed in 6 months), webmaster and memory book editor for the KUHS class of 63, social/community activist, history lover, student of the ancient culture of the Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin TribesÖ.

I try to keep the shameless, blatant, obvious self-promotion to a minimum...suits my style better....but as a graphic and web designer, once a web site or brochure or book is done, it's done! So I'm always always always looking for new work....specially to fill in the gaps later this fall and winter, always the slowest times. I can design anything that can be printed. I specialize in equine and livestock industry ads and web sites, along with tourism but, having worked for a newspaper for my first 15 years, I can help any business. I put together a major portfolio of my work on my website: Check it out and give me a call if you've got a project coming up that I can help you with. I also specialize in "You wanted it yesterday?" ads....I'm fast, creative, and have a wealth of experience. Also I am experienced with social media and eblasting and can really help you get up and running with the modern ways of reaching your market. 541 883-7456.


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